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Gifts to the Library Policy

ADOPTED:  April 17, 2006

REVIEWED: May 18, 2015

REVISED: February 11, 2019


  • The Moweaqua Public Library District gratefully accepts gifts of books, with the explicit understanding that they will be added to the library collection only when they are needed and only when they meet the same standards of selection which are applied to regular library purchases. A receipt for tax deduction will be given upon request.

  • When the library receives a cash gift for the purchase of materials, whether as a memorial or for any other purpose, the general nature or subject area of the materials to be purchased will be based upon the wishes of the donor. Selection of specific titles, however; should be cleared with the library staff.

  • Special collections and memorial collections will not be shelved as separate physical entities. Such collections will be accepted only with the understanding that they will be integrated into the general collection. The only form of memorial identification will be a gift plate.

  • The donor of any gift materials must understand that the library reserves the right to accept, reject, and/or assign gifts wherever needs exist and to dispose of gifts as it sees fit. The only exception to this will be local author books which will not be disposed of at any time.

  • Substantial gifts to the library shall be recognized by suitable means on a memorial or donor plaque.

  • The management and expenditure of the memorial/gift fund will be under the supervision of the Library's Board of Trustees.

  • A listing of all monies given by donor, amount and purpose, if prescribed, will be maintained by the Librarian or Treasurer. A copy of this listing will be given to all board members at the regular monthly board meeting.

  • Likewise, expenditures from the memorial/gift fund will be maintained by the Treasurer with copies to the Librarian and other Board members. Expenditures made in the name of the donor will coincide as nearly as possible to the amount given by the donor.

  • When possible, each donor will receive an appreciation letter and the name of the purchases made. This responsibility falls under the Secretary of the Board.

  • The Librarian will be responsible for notifying the public through all social media any contributions or memorials received and what was purchased.

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