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Computer Use Policy

ADOPTED: August 1996


  • Computer use will be available to patrons at Librarian's discretion.

  • Every user must have a Moweaqua Public Library District card.

  • User agrees to pay replacement cost of any equipment or material lost or damaged as a result of carelessness by the user or expense incurred to reload.

  • Patron use of the computer is limited to regular library hours.

  • Patron should have all computer work completed fifteen minutes before closing time.

  • The computer will be turned off and unplugged during electrical storms.

  • Patrons under the age of 10 must be accompanied by adults to use the computer. Only one person will be allowed at the computer at a time, except the adult supervisor.

  • The library is not responsible for disks brought in by patrons that are damaged while using the computer.

  • School-related projects or assignments will be given priority over recreational use (games) of the computer.

  • The library staff does not provide computer training.

  • Programs from the libraries computer may not be copied on to a disk.

  • No computer disk can be checked out of the library.

  • Only the software programs that are available on the computer may be used. Users should not install new software programs on the library computers. Patrons may not bring their own program disks (including games) to the library for use with the computer.

  • You must bring your own disk if you wish to save your work. Your work is not to be saved in the library's computers.

  • The cost to print is .25 cents per black ink page and .50 cents per color ink page, whether the library or you supply the paper.

  • If you have problems, please let the staff know. Do not try to fix the problem yourself.

  • Patrons misusing the equipment and these rules may lose their computer privileges.

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