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Acceptable use of the Internet and Library Public Computers

EFFECTIVE: June 17, 1997

REVISED: September 19, 2005

REVISED: January 17, 2006

REVISED: November 17, 2008


The Internet, a global electronic information infrastructure, is a network used by educators, business, the government, the military, and organizations. In schools and libraries, the Internet can be used to educate, inform and to entertain. As a learning resource, the Internet is similar to books, magazines, videos, CD-Rom and other information sources. Because the Internet is a fluid environment, the information, which will be available to the public, is constantly changing; therefore, it is impossible to predict with certainty what information the public might locate. Just as the purchase, availability, and use of media materials does not indicate endorsement of their contents by the Board of Trustees or Staff, neither does making electronic information available to the public imply endorsement of that content.


Public Access:

The Library provides public access to the Internet. This service is available to Moweaqua Public Library cardholders who are 18 years of age or older.
Cardholders 13-18 years of age must have a parental signature of this policy on file at the Library in order to be permitted to use the Internet.

** Internet access will be extended to adult non-library card holders that provide a valid drivers license.**


  • Internet access is available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Internet usage is limited to one (1) hour increments. This will not be enforced if patron is using the computer for homework or schoolwork.

  • A maximum of four (4) people are allowed at the Internet terminal.

  • Inappropriate Internet usage as deemed by the Library staff may result in Internet privileges being suspended or revoked and may include possible legal action, where appropriate.


Staff Assistance: Staff provides limited assistance for basic startup procedures only.

Restrictions: Downloading, chat rooms, instant messaging & web cams.

If you access a Website that is offensive to the Library staff or any Library patron you will be asked to exit that site immediately.

Printing: .25 cents per copy

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