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Paid Leave for All Workers policy

Approved June 2024


Personal leave is provided to all employees. For record-keeping purposes, the Moweaqua Public Library District (MPLD) will issue personal leave on an accrual basis for all hourly employees. 

The Library will award paid leave time as hourly employees earn it using the calendar year for the 12-month period. On January 1, hourly employees start accruing one hour of paid leave time for every 40 hours worked. Once the individual employee reaches 40 hours of paid leave time, the employee will stop accruing during that calendar year. Personal leave allotment begins upon hire. Personal leave is prorated for new hires based on start date. Paid personal leave shall roll over from year to year up to a maximum of 80 hours. Hourly employees shall only be allowed to use a maximum of 40 hours of paid leave in any 1 calendar year. 


Additional Rules

To receive payment for personal leave, an employee should notify the supervisor seven days prior to the day of absence, if possible, or as soon as practicable. Personal leave may be requested for any reason, and the employer cannot ask the reason.

Approval of a leave request shall be based on the operational needs of MPLD, which may decline the leave if granting that during a particular time period would significantly affect library operations. Denials of a leave request will be made in writing. 

Personal leave will not be paid out upon separation from employment. Should an employee be rehired within 12 months of separation, they will be credited with the leave they accrued but did not use. Notwithstanding any other section of this policy, this leave will be available for immediate use. 

MPLD shall maintain records of at least 3 years of each employee’s hours worked for each day in each workweek, the total paid leave that was earned based on the hours worked in the case of hourly employees, the paid leave used in each workweek, requests made for paid leave, written denials, and the remaining paid leave balance for each employee upon separation from employment. 

At no time will MPLD attempt to recoup any excess used paid leave time from any employee upon separation from employment. 

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