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Library equipment and materials policy

Approved May 2024


Unless otherwise specified, the following applies to the use of all library equipment:


Every user of the machine must have a valid card from the Moweaqua Public Library District (MPLD).


All equipment is the property of MPLD. Patrons must have approval from staff or Board members for use of all equipment.


MPLD provides machines for public use.


Unless permission is granted otherwise, use is restricted to library premises under the supervision of the head librarian and restricted to one hour or the discretion of the head librarian.


MPLD will not be responsible for accidents or injuries that occur because of using machines in a careless manner.


Users agree to pay replacement cost of any equipment damaged through careless use or use of patron materials with Library equipment.


Patron must read and agree to the terms of this policy prior to the use of the television/DVD player.

Dated patron signature is required.  This is verification that the patron has read and fully understands the contents of this policy.


Die-Cutting Policy

Patrons under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

Patrons must furnish their own supplies.


At the head librarian's discretion, compatible die that are not owned by the library may be used in the cutting machine.


Laminator Machine

Fees for laminating are $2/pg. legal (8 ½” x 14”) and $1/pg. letter (8” x 10”).


Copy Machine Policy

A fee of 25 cents per page will be charged for photocopies.


A copyright restriction notice will be posted on the copy equipment. The Library is not responsible for any copyright infringement committed by individuals using the machine.


The copier is provided as a convenience for researchers and other patrons who occasionally need a limited number of copies. It is not intended as an alternative to commercial printing services. The head librarian is authorized to make decisions concerning other aspects of photocopier use as necessary.


Television and DVD Player

MPLD is not responsible for damages caused to a DVD that is not the property of the Library. 


Failure to comply with the Equipment and Materials policy can result in the denial of future use of Library property.


DVDs and Audiobooks

The library acquires and makes available DVDs to service the general informational, educational, and recreational needs of the community. Quality films, those which exhibit “appropriateness, expected use, and value to the collection through the long term” are acquired for both adults and children. Patron request for specific videos will be considered based on the above criteria. Replacement of missing, worn, and damaged DVDs will be made if warranted by the continued expected use and value in the collections.


Patrons may have on loan a total of eight (8) items for a two-week period. These items can include books, audiobooks, and DVDs.


Patrons are responsible for DVDs that are returned damaged or are not returned.


MPLD will not be responsible for damage caused by a Library DVD to patron equipment.


In compliance with the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, MPLD opposes all attempts to restrict access to library services, materials, and facilities based on the age of library users, and its policies and procedures do not deny minors equal and equitable access to all library resources and services available to other users. This includes movies with MPAA restricted ratings.


Patron will be responsible for audiobooks that are returned damaged or are not returned.

MPLD will not be responsible for damage caused by an audiobook to patron equipment.

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