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Laminator Machine Policy

ADOPTED: April 21, 2003


  • The Library District provides a laminating machine for public use.

  • Use is restricted to library premises under the supervision of the librarian.

  • Fees for laminating are as follows:     $1.00/pg. large      .25/pg. small

Photocopy Machine Policy

The Library District provides a photocopier for public use. The following fees will be charged:  .25 cents per page.

A copyright restriction notice will be posted on the copy equipment. The Library is not responsible for any copyright infringement committed by individuals using the machine.


The copier is provided as a convenience for researchers and other patrons who occasionally need a limited number of copies. It is not intended as an alternative to commercial printing services. The Librarian is authorized to make decisions concerning other aspects of photocopier use as necessary.

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