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1) San Diego Zoo for Kids

    Great animal photos!! Easy to read facts.


2) National Geographic for Kids

    There are no better pictures on the Internet. Lots of comprehensive facts too.


3) Wild Kratts on PBS

    Check out Creaturepedia!! Fun facts for kids.


4) Animal Fact Guide

    The reading level is geared for older students; however, the text is comprehensive and printer-friendly too!

Soft Schools

    A hidden treasure with straight-forward facts about tons of different critters.


6) Science Kids

    A simple and straight-forward collection of animals and facts.


7) Enchanted Learning

    Lots of animal printouts great for kids.


8) ESpecies Fact Sheets

    Got an endangered species to research? Can't go wrong with this website.


9) Smithsonian National Zoo

    Facts! Videos! Live cams!


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